Friday, 31 August 2012

Merdeka Nails!

Happy Friday!

It is a holiday here in Malaysia. It is our Hari Merdeka a.k.a National Day today! 55th National day to be exact! To celebrate this day, I have decided to do a mani based on the Malaysian flag, or more fondly known in Malaysia as the Jalur Gemilang. Looks familiar??

YES! The Malaysian flag does resemble the American flag quite a bit. If you are curious about the meanings behind the elements on the flag click THIS link for more information.

On to the nails!

I have chosen some really pretty colors from Cult Nails for this mani. And - yup! - I decided to do a tape mani again. I picked inspiration from Sophie's (My Awesome Beauty) little tutorial here. It's funny how the colors I used are actually quite similar to Sophie's. Hers is more pastel-y and mine brighter.

My picks for this mani was - Cult Nails Evil Queen (red), Time Traveler (blue), Feel Me Up (yellow) and OPI Alpine Snow for the white.

artificial light

Time Traveler and Evil Queen were both really hard to photograph! The colors seemed to come out really really dark on the nails than in real life. The only way to get the colors as close to as it is IRL is to use flash as seen below.

with flash

Or if I put my hand reeaaaaaaally close to the light above my headboard.

artificial light
 One more for the go!

airtificial light

The blue of this mani turned up a little dark for my taste and I wanted to lightened it up. And of course, I couldn't resist adding some glitter to it! With no hesitation, I looked into my polish collection and pulled out Rainbow Honey's Mare of the Moon!

indirect sunlight

 All I did was a thin coat on my nails. If you look closely, I only have 2 bits of glitter in this mani. It was intentional of course! I made sure I swiped off the moons and stars before each coat. If I did not I would have had at least 3 stars in these photos!

direct sunlight

Before I leave you, here is a last photo of my claw overlooking the pool at my condo!

in the shade

Have a great weekend everyone!