Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Hungry Asian Again!

No buy month of June sucked! I had to wait forever (read: 1.5weeks) before I aould allow myself to place an order with Kae again.

Anyways, I always loved THA Strawberry from the moment I saw it long ago. But the problem was that it was out of stock for as long as I knew. When Kae posted that she was going to restock Strawberry I was over the moon - for 5 seconds before I found out it was already sold out by the time i checked etsy AND I was still under a No-Buy I imposed on myself. Boo.

Fast Forward 1.5 weeks and there I was placing an order on etsy with a full size Strawberry, a full sized Belle, a mini Cookies and Cream and a mini Vote for Purple. And after 2 more weeks of waiting, they are finally here!

As usual Kae wraps up the polishes very neatly and nicely with a lovely personal note that comes in the package.

My goodies all lined up!

(Bottle shots after the jump)

Cookies and Cream is a milky white base with tons of black glitter in it which really really looks like Cookies and Cream ice cream to me. *drool*

Vote for Purple is a lavender glitter bomb with small and medium silver glitter in it. This looks like a lavender equivalant to I Hate Pink to me.

Strawberry!! as the name states it is a red creme polish with black microglitter in it. Ahhh! I should have another go with strawberry nails soon!

Belle is definitely one of my favorite of all polishes right now. This polish is named after Kae's dog and is a sheer milky base packed with pink microglitter and dark brown hex glitters. As much as I love glitterbombs I definitely love glitters in white creamy bases (the reason why I got Election Day from Paris Sparkles). Judging from the bottle shot, I can definitely see this polish apply smoothly with no glitter issues!

These Hungry Asian Polishes and much much more can be bought on Kae's etsy shop.
Happy Shopping!