Saturday, 7 July 2012


When you hear the brand Crayola what do you think of? Does it bring back childhood memories of you drawing on the walls paper with your besties? Or does it remind you of the time when you got into trouble with the teacher because you forgot to bring your box of crayons for art class?

I know I definitely associate those memories with Crayola when I was younger. Not so much now when I have left school for so many years. BUT I think I might want to include Crayola into my adulthood once again like I did when I was younger. Look at the newest product from Crayola!


Look closely! It isn't another box of the newest colors from Crayola. It's a box of mini nail polishes. No, this is not a photoshopped picture. These are actual NAIL POLISHES!!

I stumbled upon this precious little idea when I was browsing the Fred Flare catalog. They have the most unique stuff but unfortunately they do not ship internationally :(

Anyways, Look how cute this polishes are! The colors do really remind me of some of the crayons that I used back then! And the packaging does take after the paper labels that was around the crayons! I always would be sad when I had to peel the label back on the crayons :( 

Hmm.. I wonder if Crayola is as good in making nail polishes as they are in making crayons!

Has anyone out there purchased them already? If you have I would love what your take on these polishes would be. And if you haven't came across them and and want to get some for yourself, you could pop on by to purchase them!

Hmm.. My no-buy ban ends today.. :P