Sunday, 15 July 2012

365 Days of Color

Something is up with the postal service these days. It seems that I am getting my parcels waaaayy faster then I used to just a few weeks ago! Hoho! I'm not complaining here. Just really mystified.

Anyways, on to my parcel of the day is from 365 Days of Color. Look at the pretty padded envelop she used, and that FRAGILE sticker too! Anyways, this parcel came just 10 days (8+2days held at customs and the post office) after I placed an order with Sanaz!

These little pretties were in there~
2 polishes: Mint Chip and Cotton Candy
3 Sunny's Miracle Balm: Cucumber Mint, Cucumber Melon and Eucalyptus Blossom

Do click on to have a closer look at the polishes! :)

When I saw this polish I knew I had to get it! Mint Chocolate Chip is my absolutely favourite ice cream! Followed by Cookies and Cream and French Vanilla. Mint Chip has tons of black square glitters suspended in a light mint creme base.

Cotton Candy is a white creme base with pink and blue hex glitters in it. If you must know, I love cotton candy! especially the pink and white ones! When I was young, I used to make my parents get me some whenever I passed by any stalls selling it! Talk about having a sweet tooth!

My choice of scent for the miracle balm was all rather minty and fresh judging by the names. I tried to avoid any scents that resembled food stuff because I didn't want to end up sniffing my fingers throughout the day whenever I was hungry. But come to think of it I kinda regret it now. How cool would it be to have Mint Chip or Cotton Candy on my nails and have them smell like caramel! Ahhhh.. I guess I'll have to wait until the next collection comes out before I buy some of those yummy scents.

Products from 365 Days of Color can be bought from their shop HERE. It is closed for maintenance at the moment, but do follow Sanaz through her blog for more updates and previews of her collections.