Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Shopaholic's No-Buy Rant


Ahhh! Being in a NO-Buy situation sucks!

I popped by etsy earlier on for a bit and saw so so so many new polishes listed. *WHHHYY did I ever decide to declare a no-buy sentence to myself!!* If you took a peek at my cart you would see that I actually have 20 polishes in it. There's some from Lush Lacquer, The Hungry Asian, All That Glitters, Candy Lacquer and Utopias Polish. These are only from the shops that ship internationally. Who knows how many polishes would be in my cart if not for the shipping restrictions from some shops!

Born Pretty is another site where I have my cart filled with nail supplies! Rhinestones, studs, nail decals and stamping wheels. Hoho. I am tempted to check some of this out soon! I could just pick a $2.99 item and ship it to me at no extra cost! But I won't. *good shopaholic in rehab*

There is also the all the new collections coming out from the different big brands! OPI has the Minnie Mouse, Neons and the Germany Collection. Essie with the Bikini so Teeny collection, Zoya Beach & Surf Collection, and the Sunner Neons from China Glaze. So many colours so little cash! and oh so far away from me!

And the ultimate worse part of a No-Buy - it is Mega Sale Season in Malaysia! Almost all the shops, big brand or not are on sale. Items go on sale for as much 80% off in some cases. My friend just told me that my one of my favorite shoe shop Charles and Keith has shoes going for 70% off. And I just spotted a colleague in a nice shift dress. And I am getting a member/discount from a friend soon. And...and...and..

There's just so so soo much more to buy! But I have to resist for the sake of my holidays! I know if I buy now I will feel to guilty to really enjoy shopping on holiday. So for now I must bid the polishes in my cart goodbye and I hope that you will still be there after my no-buy sentence has been lifted!

Adieu my lovelies!
*empties shopping cart*