Thursday, 7 June 2012

OPI New York Ballet Soft Shades Collection

(Since I am on a no-buy, I will be going through my recently acquired polishes one by one until I have swatched them all! :D)

I have seen so many swatches of the new polishes from the New York City Ballet Collection by OPI and couldn't wait for it to be available here. The collection consists of six polishes. Five sheer jelly finishes and a glitter topper!


The shades are My Pointe Exactly (grey), Come to Danse (lilac), You Callin' Me a Lyre (pink), Barre My Soul (beige), Don't Touch My Tutu (white) and Pirouette My Whistle (silver glitter). I of course could not afford all six polishes with the prices that I get here so after much though and a lot of stalking swatches on nail blogs, I finally picked up 3 polishes from this collection the last weekend.

My choice of polishes were Barre My Soul, My Pointe Exactly and Pirouette My Whistle! Here they are!



I love the colors even more now! I really wished that prices weren't so steep in Malaysia. If not I would have gotten the whole set without hesitation. *sigh* Maybe I should check out eBay next time.