Friday, 29 June 2012

Nekkid Nails

I took some photos of my nude nails just to show you how stained they are. If you look at them, you can see that my nails are 80% stained with a small gap near the cuticle. My nail line is also very very prominent which makes wearing sheers and jelly polishes an issue sometimes.

Honestly, up untill now I am still not sure which polish it was that caused the stains on my fingers. But I am quite sure it's one of my OPIs.

It's funny how the evening sun seems to have 'bleached' my nails while taking this photos.

I have gotten so used to having polish on my nails it makes me feel so insecure with it being nekkid. I am scared it might break on me anytime! Off to paint my nails now! I am gravitating towards something more neutral and less gritty. Come back tomorrow and see what I've been up to :)