Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Nail Mail!

This week is starting out on a really good note!

I just received some polishes I bought from Chelsea through her blog sale on The Nail Network!

As usual it came as a surprise (no tracking code!!) when I was picking up my mail from the mailbox. The box came slightly different from other nail mails because it actually had stamps on them. I am not an avid stamp collector but I sure love them.

Chelsea packed the polishes really well. There was tons of bubble wrap in the box and even a small thank you note!

These are my new babies!

I got OPI Pricesses Rule and my ultimate lemming - Revlon Whimsical!

OPI Princesses Rule is from the Princess Charming Collection and is a sheer pink shimmer which came highly recommended by Scrangie! I can make out pink and green shimmer in it by just looking at the bottle!

Revlon Whimsical. Need I say more? I am currently in a glitter phase and this was my biggest lemming of all! It combines creme and glitter most delicately. Of course, it being a dupe for the famous Deborah Lippman Glitter in the Air makes it all the better!

I must find the perfect combination for both of these polishes. Or maybe I could just wear them alone? Hmm..