Monday, 25 June 2012

Lavender Love

...or lilac. I don't really know the difference actually. 

I decided to bust out this light purple to join a competition on Instagram by Mari Jo from Polish Obsession. I am one of the worse person you can find for nail art but I joined it for another cause. The theme of the competition was to wear a purple polish in the month of June for Migraine Awareness month. Purple has been chosen as the official colour for migraine since March 2012.

Usually people would just classify a migraine as a bad headache but I can assure you that it is altogether different. While I may not suffer from chronic migraines, I do get the occasional migraine and it is no laughing matter.

If you do see this post in the month of June, try on a purple mani or maybe just add on some purple in your outfit to support this cause.

bloop H195