Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I am on a No-Buy

Going through my email inbox I just realised that I still have a few more packages of nail polishes in transit to me from the USA!

It all started with the flakies from Llarowe and then after it was glitter polishes from The Hungry Asian.

A spree here, a sale there (massive haul here!) and some late night online shopping later I still have 4 packages that I have not received!

There's one from Beauty Joint, Paris Sparkles, a blog sale from The Nail Network and one from a spree I took part in recently.

Owh! I almost forgot! The most recent purchase of some polishes from Cult Nails! I finally caved in and clicked the checkout button finally. I missed the $5 sale because of some glitches with my PayPal account and was really sad about it. Then when Maria posted about The Cult Fairy Tail Collection and I knew I had to jump the gun and get them!

*tsk tsk*

The bad news of it all:

Not one of the shops I have mentioned above provides a tracking number all the way to Malaysia. That or if they do, I couldn't bring myself to pay the extra $30 just for a tracking number. Imagine forking out $40 on shipping for a $15 package. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed until they do reach me! ...if they reach me. So till then, and a few months after even, I will be on a no-buy for nail polishes and shoes - my other obsession!

Wish me and my little polishes good luck! I hope to be able to show them to you here real soon!