Friday, 25 May 2012

Shopping is fun especially when it's online!

Fun because you can see so many pretty things from all over the world just by clicking on your mouse in the comfort of your home! You'd be drooling over the pretty things online all you have to do is *click* and it's on the way to you in the mail! I had fun today! Nail Fiesta - my favourite online shop selling nail polish within Malaysia - was having a moving out sale starting from today. The owner was moving and didn't want to bring her whole inventory to her new place so she decided to sell them off at a good bargain. How could I stay away from that right? I splurged RM431 for over 20 polishes! I know it sounds really pricey, but after doing some calculations, I saved a whopping 55% off retail prices! Can you believe it! If you are in Malaysia and want to get your hands on some nail polishes do stop by Nail Fiesta soon before all stocks run out! I will list the retail prices for polishes in Malaysia vs the prices I paid on Nail Fiesta vs the prices of polishes during the sale on Nail Fiesta after the jump!
Retail Nail Fiesta Nail Fiesta Sale
China Glaze 42 25 19
Color Club not available 25 20
Essie 55 29 23
OPI 59 33 27