Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I would like some Crushed Candy For Audrey

I just coudn't resist putting those two names together :P

I've been lemming for China Glaze For Audrey for quite sometime now. The Tiffany blue just looks so delicate and sweet - how could I resist! But for the longest time my usual online shop that stocks up on China Glaze didn't have it in stock. Boo!

I lugged my self downtown to a beauty supply shop and was so excited to find For Audrey and Crushed Candy, a crackle in the same exact shade, on the shelves. And of course I had to buy them both!

Guess how much they cost me here in Malaysia?
RM35 each!
Which works out to about USD11 per bottle!

And these are supposed to be discounted prices. My friend told me at the departmental store they actually are selling them for RM42 (USD13) each!